Chemical Overhaul

Chemical Overhaul is a process whereby we conduct a thorough cleaning of the indoor fancoil unit(s) using special chemicals. The
fancoil units are dismantled completely for cleaning, including the clearing of drainage to prevent choking. The compressor units
are also inspected and gas is refilled back to required levels. The chemical overhaul process helps to clean the air-conditioner
more thoroughly such as in areas that are not covered in the general servicing. This allows the air-conditioner to be cleaned up
to 99% free of bacteria, germs and other micro-organisms.

Scope of Work

1) Inspection of air-conditioner by
switching it on to check its condition

4) Disconnecting the lower pressure
piping, higher pressure piping, water
piping and wiring

7) Before the chemical overhaul

10) Chemicals are fully injected
into the evaporate cooling coil

13) All movement parts will also
be washed by germicidal detergent

2) Pumping down the compressor
gas into the system and shutting
down the power supply from the
isolator to the condenser

5) Dismantling the entire fan coil

8) Injection of the chemicals into
the evaporate cooling coil to flush
out all the dirt and dust

11) This removes harmful
micro-organisms, bacteria and mold
that may cause musty unpleasant
odour and water is later used to
flush the remaining chemicals away

14) Everything will then be
reinstalled back to original

3) Dismantling the front cover

6) Dismantling and assembling all
12 pcs of the unit

9) This shows the difference
between before and after the
Chemical Overhaul process

12) We will use 1500watt steamer
or high pressure water jet to flush
the cooling coil and kill all bacteria
as well as remove remaining
chemicals so as to prevent the
evaporate cooling coil from corrosion

15) We will also re-vacuum the
system to draw out all the air from
the piping and test run the system
as well as top up the gas to the
required levels

All Parts Used for General Servicing are Approved by
Original Equipment Manufacturers

All R22 and R410 gases are of the Forane brand from
FRANCE. We do not use any CHINA gases