Aircon General Servicing

Aircon general servicing is charged based on the number of indoor fancoils. We will service outdoor condensers free-of-charge only if these outdoor condensers are easily accessible at the point of servicing the indoor fancoil units.

In view of the Ministry of Manpower Workplace Safety and Health Act, as well as the related code of practice pertaining to working safely at heights, we are obligated to ensure that the servicing work can be carried out safely by our technicians.

Therefore, we are only able to service indoor fancoils, and outdoor condenser units that are situated below 10 feet when measured from ground-up. We apologise for not being able to service the outdoor condenser units in the event that they are locked out, or when it is raining at the time of servicing.

We appreciate your kind understanding for not being able to make additional trips to service only the outdoor condenser units as this is an additional goodwill service offering.

Scope of Work

1) Inspection of air-conditioner by
switching it on to check its condition

4) Removing surface dust by
brushing and cleaning the outer
surface of the cooling evaporate coil

7) Injecting air filter with germicidal
detergent to kill bacteria and wash
with water to remove bacteria
effectively unlike with normal

2) Undoing the clips and screws to
dismantle the front cover and
check the condition of the coolness
and the fan motor

5) Brushing and cleaning blower
wheel and blade to clear debris
and dust

8) Front cover filter and drain pan
to also be injected with germicidal
detergent and deodorant to clear
germs and remove bacteria

3) Dismantling the rover motor
cable and water tray

6) Vacuuming drainage system to
prevent water leakage

9) If outdoor condenser units are
easily accessible at time of servicing,
its electrical components, compressor
suction and discharge pressure will be
checked to clarify gas level and
condenser coils will be checked and
brushed as well to increase cooling
with savings on electrical consumption

All Parts Used for General Servicing are Approved by
Original Equipment Manufacturers

All R22 and R410 gases are of the Forane brand from
FRANCE. We do not use any CHINA gases